The IMT Airborne Video Downlink System (AVDS) is a comprehensive aerial-based video transmission solution that delivers real-time surveillance that enhances law enforcement, emergency and critical infrastructure operations. AVDS is comprised of an integrated suite of downlink transmitters, receivers and antennas that capture real-time, reliable high-definition video from drones, helicopters and other aircraft for display at command centers, mobile units and on video management systems.

AVDS, which has been deployed by law enforcement agencies, adds an additional layer of safety and security to missions being carried out on the ground. It can play a key role in surveillance, assessment and deployment operations. AVDS is an essential tool for improving situational awareness, by giving those on the ground a clear and reliable picture of what is being captured from airborne units. When configured with the xG Technology xMax Network System, it becomes a fully bidirectional mobile communications platform for mission-critical needs.

AVDS components include the Mini MobilCMDR, CIRAS-x6, CRx6 and DR3 IP Diversity Receiver, as well as the new VNS Video Streaming Server. The Mini MobilCMDR is a small, ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) diversity handheld receiver/monitor. It features AES Bcrypt decryption capabilities that make it ideal for applications ranging from public security monitoring to covert surveillance.

The CIRAS-x6 (Central Integrated Radome System x6) is a ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) six-way diversity receiver integrated into a six-segment antenna pod. It is designed to automatically optimize the receive signal at all times, and virtually eliminate all human intervention. The CRx6 is a ruggedized six-way diversity receiver designed to withstand any weather conditions. The DR3 is a third-generation diversity receiver designed for the most demanding central receive and portable applications.

The new VNS Video Streaming Server delivers video captured via aircraft to unlimited mobile devices over WiFi, cellular and xMax networks. Video can also be sent to fixed receive sites, which can then communicate back and forth with command sites for total video system integration. HD video is adaptively transcoded for the target device and network conditions ensuring unprecedented reliability, and does not require any special proprietary software viewer.

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K2 Unmanned Systems Knight Hawk Featuring IMT Vislink Downlink Technology

Knight Hawk is a product of the collaboration between IMT Vislink and K2 Unmanned Systems. IMT Vislink is providing interoperable, encrypted HD video downlink technology for use with the Knight Hawk, which is the first U.S.-designed and assembled law enforcement tactical UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

K2 Unmanned Systems Knight Hawk Featuring IMT Vislink Downlink Technology