In  2017, the operations of IMT were merged with those of Vislink Communications Systems.  The merger gave the combined entity the market-leading position in delivering end-to-end video capture/transmit/receive solutions to broadcast, sports and entertainment, and mission-critical public safety and defense sectors, both in the U.S. and around the world. Clients of both IMT and Vislink now have access to an expanded range of product offerings, services and capabilities.

As part of the global rebranding initiative announced earlier this year, the company’s individual product brands and corporate structure were united under the single entity Vislink Technologies. As the key element of the rebranding, solutions previously marketed under the IMT and Vislink nomenclature, as well as other legacy products such as RFCentral, Nucomm, Advent, Gigawave and MRC are adopting the Vislink Technologies brand name. Product service and support was not impacted as a result of the rebranding.

Vislink Technologies, Inc. is a NASDAQ-listed company, and its common stock trades under the symbol VISL.

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