Central Integrated Receiver System, Six Way MaxRC COFDM Receiver

The Nucomm Central Integrated Radome System x6 (CIRAS-x6) is a ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) six-way diversity receiver integrated into a 6 segment antenna pod. It offers exceptional RF performance and IP56 environmental durability for external use. The CIRAS also features optional two channel 6 way diversity reception in the same package.

The Nucomm CIRAS system was designed to automatically optimize the receive signal at all times, and virtually eliminate all human intervention. In contrast to the old single, highly directional antenna, the CIRAS employs multiple antenna elements that are arranged to cover 360°of azimuth in overlapping sectors. The key to Nucomm’s success is improving operation efficiency in signal acquisition. Nucomm focuses its approach on the integration and optimization of the antenna design, use of adaptive digital signal processing (ADSP) and maximal ratio combining (MRC) techniques. In the past, these three areas have been treated and controlled independently. By combining and optimizing these areas, Nucomm is able to provide a new class of fully autonomous Central Receiving Systems that provide significant value and efficiency to the industry.

The Nucomm CIRA-X6 features a compact, lightweight rugged IP- rated chassis enabling it to be mounted on vehicles, towers, building tops or tripod in any weather conditions.  Tower cabeling is simplified to a single Ethernet Cat6 cable or a pair of fiber optic and power cables. The CIRAS-X6 has an integrated 6 way super heterodyne receiver. This receiver architecture maintains performance across all signal levels of both desired and undesired signals. This level of performance is not attainable with typical BDC implementations. The received signal is demodulated and streamed over an IP network to either a stand-alone dedicated decoder, PC or eLink controller.

The CIRAS is a new generation of receive system.  Typical diversity receive sites would have the antennas and LNA’s or BDCs mounted at the top of the tower with coaxial cables running the length of the tower to a receiver and decoder.  This design made the entire system susceptible to lightning and other EMI disturbances.  By integrating the receiver into the pod Nucomm has reduced the coaxial runs from six to one Ethernet cable, while decreasing the susceptibility to lightning and overall system costs. A Windows based software application decoder (Nucomm’s eView) is included with each CIRAS-x6.

With a simple click of a button, the user can decode video and audio from any COFDM transmitter.  eView also features channel control, receiver statistics and recorder functionality.  The unit requires minimal setup to operate. For advanced functions such as changing frequency plans, AES decryption keys, or unit naming, an easy to use WEB based administration software package is supplied.

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