Miniature COFDM Transmitter/Camera Transmission System

The IMTDragonFly Transmitter is a superior miniature wireless video transmission system designed to capture real-time, high-quality video from UAV/UGV/Body Cams/Concealments for display on fixed or mobile receive applications. The transmitter features HD/SD-SDI or optional HDMI inputs with COFDM transmission in a small, lightweight chassis. The IMTDragonFly delivers up to 50mW of power in a package weighing less than 1.2 ounces/34 grams, providing long range, reliable HD video transmission.

The IMTDragonFly is a compelling choice when broadcast quality, exceptional range and reliability are required. IMT’s COFDM technology ensures the transmission of uninterrupted, live TV pictures over long ranges, despite the effects of foliage, challenging terrain, buildings and other common non line-of-sight limitations. This gives it a significant advantage over uncompressed solutions.

An additional benefit of the IMTDragonFly compared to alternative solutions is the ability to operate at latency levels as low as 70ms, making it well-suited for remote control applications.

The IMTDragonFly was designed with a compact size and weight form factor and minimized power requirements, making it ideal for drone use. IMTDragonFly has an HD-SDI input for high quality camera interface. IMT has also developed a new antenna design customized specifically for use with micro drones.

The IMTDragonFly may be configured or remotely controlled by the built-in Wi-Fi webserver. An Android or iOS device will see the IMTDragonFly and automatically open the control browser. Optionally, a 900MHz transceiver enabling processing of in-flight commands including camera control or gimbal manipulation.

IMTDragonFly accessories include every item needed to plug and play with ease. The accessories are housed in a hardened, shadowed carrying case for ease of use, transport and storage.


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  • Range over 2 miles Line of Sight
  • Lightweight <1.2 ounces (34 grams)
  • HDMI/SDI camera inputs
  • Internal ISM and GPS anti-jam filter
  • Very low power consumption
  • Broadcast quality video transmission
  • Licensed and ISM frequencies
  • Very Low latency
  • Wi-Fi Remote
  • Transceiver for Telemetry Data


  • Camera Sensors
  • Camera Control
  • HDMI Input



RefCam in Use at the 2016 AllStar Game

Compilation of great shots from the first showing of the RefCam at the AllStar Game in Nashville, TN 2016.

RefCam in Use at the 2016 AllStar Game

Catcher Camera

IMT Demonstrates the IMTDragonFly for ProductionHub at NAB 2017

IMTDragonfly—the smallest COFDM Transmitter—is profiled at NAB 2017

REFCAM 2016 Memorial Cup - Powered By IMT

IMTDragonFly Web GUI