DR3 IP Diversity Receiver

Digital COFDM IP Diversity HD/SD Receiver

The DR3 is a third generation diversity receiver incorporating all the best features of Nucomm’s popular DR1 and DR2, along with a host of exciting new features that set it apart from any other receivers on the market.  Perfect for the most demand-ing central receive and portable applications, it is the first receiver to offer built-in IP diversity receiver switching.  Designed to work with Nucomm’s brand new High Dynamic Range Block Down Converters (HDRBDC) that automatically compensate for cable loss, up to eight receivers, can be daisy chained to share the same set of antennas and converters.

Although expensive external cellular diversity switches have been available for some time, the DR3 incorporates the switch right in the receiver.  In some applica -tions a  single receiver may not be able to adequately cover a city.  With the DR3, up to three additional externally located receivers may be connected via Ethernet for transparent MPEG transport stream packet switching of the best signal.   No operator intervention is required to insure that the best possible video is available.The DR3 is uniquely equipped to support Ethernet/IP interconnects. To expand the reach of the DR3 additional receivers may be connected through three Ethernet/IP interfaces. These additional receives are all coordinated by the DR3.

The DR3 receiver is configured with six diversity COFDM demodulators using maximum-ratio combining (MRC), which significantly improves the robustness of higher data rate COFDM modulation. Spatial diversity increases system perfor-mance by digitally combining signals with different characteristics. This essentially fills in the gaps in the channel and provides improved path reliability. The built-in spectrum analyzer gives an instant analysis of the selected channel and can be used to minimize multi-path or see if the channel is clear from interference.

The DR3 is available the bandwidths of 1.25, 2.5, 6, 7 and 8MHz allowing for 1 to 31 Mbps data rates. The DR3 receiver is configured with an internal low-latency multi-format H.264/MPEG2 HD/SD monitoring decoder. A DVB-ASI output is available that can be fed to an external decoder. The control panel uses a capacitive touchscreen that provides easy navigation through the menu system. Remote control is facilitated via Ethernet.

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