Newscaster VT7.4

The Newscaster VT 7.4 is an HD/SD ENG/SNG/OB van transmitter, integrated encoder and multi-mode modulator.

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HD/SD ENG/SNG/OB Van Transmitter, Integrated Encoder and Multi-Mode Modulator

Digital RF Power to 10 W. The Newscaster VT7.4 is the “Broadcasters Best Choice” for the migration to HD ENG. The VT7.4 now offers both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding. The VT7.4 is a major step forward in van transmitter technology and offers more useful features than any other product in its class.

The VT7.4 is a two box design and can be configured for both analog and digital operation. The digital engine is comprised of a HD/SD encoder with adjustable long GOP encoding featuring I, P and B frames as well as a low delay mode. The COFDM modulator has full control over the modulation formats, bandwidth, data rate and guard interval. For increased flexibility a wide array of inputs are provided, including: video/audio, SDI (HD) with embedded audio, ASI and 70 MHz. The ASI input is ideal for use with an external MPEG-4 encoder or repeater applications.

Two audio inputs are provided standard, while four audios are available.The VT7.4 features software generated modulation formats that are stored in onboard, circuit board PROMs. Available formats include; FM (NTSC/PAL), COFDM, VSB, single carrier QAM and DVB-S. As additional digital software formats become available, the software can be easily updated, increasing the flexibility of the VT7.4 and avoiding obsolescence. Software based modulation greatly reduces system complexity and component heat generation, thus providing greater flexibility and higher reliability.

The VT7.4 is easy to use and is very popular with ENG van operators due to its eight quick keys and six lockable quick-store presets, avoiding the need to drill deep into complicated menus. Channel plans for both the existing 2 GHz band and the new 2 GHz band are provided. An LCD smart display provides complete system control and allows setup of more advanced features. High output power is a huge advantage for ENG operations working in a competitive environment, and the VT7.4 is available with up to 10 watts of digital output power. It is configured with an AC power supply that accepts input voltages from 100 to 240 VAC.

Optionally available are a wide selection of DC voltages including 12, 24 and 28 VDC or a Nucomm universal power supply that operates on both AC and DC. The VT7.4 is ideal for international applications and provides the capability to field switch between PAL and NTSC; this includes analog FM operation.