Newscaster CR7

The Newscaster CR7 is an ENG/OB central receiver that includes integrated HD/SD MPEG2 – COFDM plus FM Analog.

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ENG/OB Central Receiver, Integrated HD/SD MPEG2 – COFDM plus FM Analog

The Newscaster CR7 is the broadcaster’s best choice for the transition to HD/SD digital ENG. This feature-rich central receiver will increase the coverage area of any news operation. IMT’s central receivers have long been the choice of many 24 hour news operations due to their extremely high reliability, sensitivity, ease of operation and flexible feature set.

The CR7 is available as a totally integrated unit equipped with an MPEG decoder, DVBT-compliant COFDM demodulator and a (NTSC/PAL) FM demodulator. A third modulation format (VSB) is available for higher data rate HD/SD requirements. The Newscaster CR7 features software demodulation formats that are stored on circuit board PROMs (programmable read only memory).

The Newscaster CR7 operates in the 2 GHz band. It is configurable for multi-band operation and can support the 7 GHz and 13 GHz bands using Nucomm’s external block down converters. Other frequency bands are available from 1.5 to 15.4 GHz. During and after the 2 GHz relocation, analog operation will require the reception of both 3 and 4 MHz deviation signals. Nucomm has incorporated a unique feature that auto-detects the received analog deviation signal and adjusts the output to a consistent one volt level. The CR7 is capable of switching between the current and the new 2 GHz bands as well as the 2.5, 7 and 13 GHz bands.

The Newscaster CR7 is ideal for international applications as well. Although the unit is equipped with an AC power supply, a universal supply providing both AC: 90 to 240 VAC and DC: 11 to 32 VDC is available. The receiver is capable of either PAL or NTSC operation.