ChannelMaster TX7T/RX7T

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HD/SD Portable Two Box Transmitter/Receiver

The ChannelMaster TX7T/RX7T is available in single dual or tri-band configurations. Frequency bands are available from 1.5-15.4 GHz. The ChannelMaster includes an integrated HD/SD MPEG2 encoder/ decoder with COFDM, VSB and FM modulators.The TX Control Unit contains the HD/SD MPEG2 encoder and COFDM modulator that has a low delay mode of less than 75 msec. For increased flexibility a wide array of inputs/outputs are provided, including Composite video/audio, SDI, HD-SDI, ASI and 70 MHz.

The ASI input/output are ideal for use with an external MPEG2 encoder or to support digital repeater applications.For FM operation, an internal SDI to composite converter is integrated providing seamless operation between analog FM and digital COFDM modes. This eliminates the need for an external converter when used in an SDI plant.The RF Head contains the RF Up-Converter and Power Amplifier with analog powers to 12 Watts and digital powers to 5 Watts. The Control Unit and the RF Head mount easily to tripods and are connected by a Triax cable that extends operation to distances up to 600 meters.