IMT Technology Innovations

InnovationsSince its founding, IMT has developed a reputation for offering products that are at the forefront of technology, both in features and performance.  By focusing on innovation, product quality and customer satisfaction, IMT has gained a reputation as a provider of reliable, leading-edge microwave systems that have broad appeal across numerous industries.

IMT has played a major role in driving the transition of video transmission technology from analog to digital platforms. Along the way, it has recorded numerous technical achievements, including the following:

  • Developed the first truly integrated transmitters with multiple modulation formats, e.g. ChannelMaster TX and Newscaster VT2;
  • Developed a high performance central receiver with Ethernet interface, multiple modulation formats and optional spectrum viewer;
  • First to demonstrate the advantages of digital transmission for electronic newsgathering;
  • First to use VSB modulation in a digital microwave link;
  • Developed digital transmission techniques for use over conventional analog links, e.g. the Analog Coder;
  • First to demonstrate IP file transfer capability from a news vehicle.

IMT pioneered the implementation of Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) modulation. COFDM is a transmission technique that combines encoding technology with OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation to provide the low latency and high image clarity required for real-time live broadcasting video transmissions.

Unlike other modulation schemes, COFDM maximizes its parameters to provide uncompromised reliability, even in the face of interference and other factors that can degrade transmissions. IMT’s experience with COFDM technology has allowed it to develop robust integrated solutions that deliver reliable video footage captured from both aerial and ground-based sources to fixed and mobile receiver locations.

IMT has also incorporated new approaches to the integration and optimization of antenna array design, adaptive digital signal processing and maximum ratio combining (MRC) techniques. In addition, IMT has played a lead role in introducing systems that allow the wireless broadcast of video to multiple disconnected devices, both fixed and mobile. This real-time viewing and sharing of video across a wide area adds an additional layer of safety and security to law enforcement, emergency communications, and critical infrastructure operations, and can improve overall situational awareness.

Leveraging the above technology innovations to drive its product development strategy, IMT continues to expand upon the reputation it has had since its inception for delivering complex, bespoke engineering solutions managed to tight deadlines.