Newsnet Solution Featured in TV Technology Article

The Vislink newsnet solution was one of the featured innovations recently mentioned in the TV Technology article Driving Station Workflows in the Field. The article discusses how today’s ENG vehicles combine mobility with state-of-the-art IP technology.

Newsnet is an innovative IP transmission solution that is starting to make its way onto newsgathering vehicles. This bidirectional, high-speed IP wireless data link utilizes the broadcaster’s own BAS RF spectrum to send low latency, high-quality live video.

Within the BAS coverage area, newsnet extends the station’s IP-based newsroom computer system (NRCS) and studio workflow to the field. It also gives field journalists full access to studio resources, such as media asset management, and lets them tap directly into the NRCS for better collaboration. It also ensures that the right content gets priority by using an uncontested, bidirectional IP connection over the existing BAS channel, with feedback from studio automation.

“Unlike third-party bonded cellular services that charge for usage, newsnet utilizes the BAS RF spectrum that broadcasters already control at no charge. They also don’t need to compete with others for a connection or bandwidth because BAS is a high-bandwidth channel that’s licensed to them for their exclusive use,” said John Payne IV, president of IMT USA, in Hackettstown, N.J. “Within your coverage area, small, low-profile antennas can be used, and newsnet isn’t susceptible to winds, rain, lightning or other conditions that can adversely impact cellular or satellite transmissions.”