Newsnet: The Next-Generation, Bi-Directional IP ENG Solution (Part 1)

One of the most exciting recent trends in the broadcasting industry has been a growing interest in using IP transport for live news gathering. Until fairly recently, most broadcasters had been reluctant to entertain giving up their tried and true, point-to-point microwave and satellite links for catching their critical shots. Now, with a growing track record of reliability and performance from IP-based methods, many in the industry are taking notice and becoming open to new approaches.

At the same time, this new era of connectivity presents its own challenges.

“The trend of ENG becoming more reliant on the Internet means that broadcasters must depend heavily on unsecured and at-will, unmanaged broadband infrastructures as the main corridor connecting field and studio,” says John Payne IV, president of IMT USA.

While the use of bonded cellular links has attracted attention, IMT Vislink are focusing their efforts on pioneering newsnet, an exciting alternative IP-centric technology that goes beyond cellular to deliver a complete technological ecosystem. Newsnet harnesses the most appealing features of both bonded cellular (ease of use, fast deployment, bi-directional support and multiple access) and DVB-T Microwave (high bandwidth and quality, low latency, leveraging the broadcaster’s licensed spectrum, and unparalleled control)—delivering a true “best of both worlds” solution.

Simply put, Newsnet transforms traditional methods of content news gathering workflows by establishing a high-speed and reliable bi-directional IP network utilizing the exclusive and highly coveted 2 GHz BAS licensed spectrum, thereby increasing the number of live ENG transmissions and workflows that can now be performed from the field.

While newsnet integrates seamlessly with both legacy ENG systems and cellular, it delivers an impressive list of benefits of its own, including:

  • Intuitive multi-skilled user interfaces for superior ease of use
  • High-speed multi-use capacity that delivers dependable, high-quality transmissions
  • Private managed IP wireless network that is predictable and secure
  • Studio workflows can be performed in the field which leverages broadcast talent in the field for remote non-linear editing
  • Compatibility with MOS protocol-based News Automation systems (Ross, Octopus, Dalet, Video Inception, etc.)

According to John Payne IV, “The newsnet platform is the first solution that has the power to bring the studio directly to the field. We have begun implementing newsnet at select reference sites, and have seen superb results thus far.”

Stay tuned for future installments about newsnet. You can obtain more product and technical information here.

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