John Payne IV, President of IMT USA Wins NewBay’s Industry Innovator Awards, Presented by TV Technology

John Payne IV has been honored with NewBay’s Industry Innovator Award, presented by TV Technology for the company’s efforts on pioneering newsnet, an alternative IP-centric technology that goes beyond cellular to deliver a complete technological ecosystem. NewBay’s Industry Innovator Award winners are selected by a panel of experts and evaluated on their professional achievements, technical and business innovations and continuing influence within their industries.

IMT Vislink’s newsnet harnesses the most appealing features of both bonded cellular (ease of use, fast deployment, bi-directional support and multiple access) and DVB-T microwave (high bandwidth/quality, low latency, leveraging the broadcaster’s licensed spectrum and unparalleled control)—delivering a true “best of both worlds” solution.

The newsnet system consists of one or more mobile high-speed IP network nodes that easily connect with a base station, typically located at existing ENG receive sites. Each mobile node not only offers high-quality video transmission capability, but also a private and reliable ingress point for other IP-centric edge devices — allowing users to control their own private high-speed IP licensed wireless network and ensuring that their content and intellectual property are never at risk. This new technology takes advantage of the newsroom automation systems by tying a live shot into the rundown and letting it dictate the priorities, enabling high speed file transfers over the dedicated network and access to the newsroom servers, intercom, prompters and other critical newsroom features.